Why a PHP Framework is a must when developing websites

Since the past few years, PHP Frameworks have found their way into a web developer’s must-have frameworks for efficient web development. With the recent developments in technology and its constantly evolving nature, it is important that web developers make immense use of this Framework for maximum benefits. Besides, most of the well known web development companies tend to hire web developers who boast of intensive knowledge when it comes to PHP Frameworks. It organises your work and at the same time ensures that your final website runs smoothly and without any hassles. Furthermore, the organisation of the codes leads to a tremendous drop in errors and therefore, it makes web development an enjoyable experience. There is a plethora of PHP Frameworks that you can work with. Some of them include CodeIgniter, CakePHP, ZEND and the likes. Given below are some excellent benefits of using a PHP Framework for your web development process.

  1. The ability to efficiently organise codes and files:
  2. It goes without saying that the entire process of web development requires you to be organised so as to ensure that you do not make trivial errors in the coding. PHP is no different. However, there is a host of people who believe that PHP code can be organised by simply creating a file named functions.php and an “/inc” folder. This is far from truth. What they fail to realize is the simple fact that a PHP Framework is designed in a way that it comes along with a folder structure that should be adhered to and all your PHP work should be included within this folder structure. This structure was designed in a way to ensure that the organisation of the code is not hampered in any way.

    However, there are certain web developers who use vi and if you happen to fall under this category, you may find following this structure a daunting task. Nonetheless, countering this problem is as easy as pie. It is wise to create several files during such a situation and you must also ensure that these files have a smaller size. This will make the browsing process extremely effortless. Besides, it will also help keep the code organised so that you can rely on these files to make any changes if necessary.

  3. Following the MVC Pattern can be extremely fruitful:

    The MVC Pattern was invented for a reason. Programming can often take a toll on your ability to sort and organize things and they can end up becoming a tad messy. To find an appropriate solution to this problem, a Norwegian computer scientist named Trygve Reenskaug came up with an excellent idea, which he named the MVC pattern. Although the functioning of PHP is synonymous to that of a template engines, you need to be extremely careful to ensure that you use this programming language responsibly. By doing so, you can be sure that the maintenance of your code will be a breeze. To make this process easier, the MVP Pattern is used heavily by the web developers.

    To put it simply, MVP means Models, Views and Controllers. Models work along the lines of the database to give a thorough representation of the data structures. The page templates that are used in PHP are contained by Views along with the output. Controllers are known to bring all the functions together and bind them seamlessly into one. Besides, any type of page request received goes straight to the controllers, which is then processed.

    Separating your code using this type of the MVP Pattern ensures that your code is extremely manageable and clean.

  4. An availability of a plethora of tools and libraries:

    One of the best aspects of using a PHP Framework is the fact that it is accompanied with a glut of tools and libraries that can help you in the process of web development. It does not matter as to what type of PHP Framework you choose to use, you will be provided by helpers and tools that specialise in the various aspects of web development. Therefore, you will be able to create a multitude of elements effortlessly. With the tools and libraries provided by the PHP Framework, you can effectively manage form validation, emails, calendars and the likes. Besides, you can even take charge of the cookies and sessions among other features.

  5. High level of security:

    Although there is nothing wrong with generating security codes manually, there is a possibility that you may make trivial errors that would make it a tiresome process. However, with a PHP Framework, you can take care of that effectively as all the coding work is taken care of and is automatic in nature.

    The PHP Framework protects the data from SQL injections and XSS attacks. It also makes the encryption process of the cookies extremely easy and automatic.

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