PHP Multiple Files Upload

You can upload multiple files with one time submittion. Array is a big role in this tutorial, let’s see the scripts.


In this tutorial create 2 files
1. multiple_upload.php
2. multiple_upload_ac.php

1. Create file multiple_upload.php
2. Create file multiple_upload_ac.php
3. Create folder “upload” for store uploaded files.
.4. CHMOD your upload folder to “777” by using your ftp software(change permission).


Create file multiple_upload.php

|—|——————— code ——————–|—|


Create file multiple_upload_ac.php

|—|——————— code ——————–|—|


CHMOD upload folder to 777 (change permission)

This step, do it when you upload to real server. This example, I use CuteFTP, right click at upload folder > FTP Commands > CHMOD

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