Your Secret Weapon: Turning Social Media Leads Into Sales

For the last several years, social media has become the way for businesses to increase their brand awareness and build a loyal following. As social media becomes even more popular, many companies are looking at how they can use these sites to increase their return on investment and turn their loyal following into paying customers. In order to do this, businesses will have to rework their current social media marketing strategies by taking a more strategic approach to how they distribute their content and how they measure their results.

Make Things Easy

Potential customers have fairly short attention spans, and don’t like it when they have to figure out how to buy from you. If a potential customer has to spend too much time searching your Facebook page to find a link to your website, then spend more time on your website trying to find out where they can purchase your products or services, they are likely to become extremely frustrated. A frustrated customer will be less likely to convert from a lead into a sale. Use the various tools within these sites that help you streamline the process. Nearly 43 percent of those that use the social media sites have gone on to purchase an item after sharing it with their social circle, according to a study conducted by Vision Critical. This leaves a large percentage of potential customers for you to focus your energies on.

Getting Conversions From Soft Leads

Not all of your social media followers will be ready to make a purchase when they first visit your site. This doesn’t mean that they are lost forever. These social media leads can be converted into email subscribers. Getting potential customers to supply you with their email address allows you to send them updates about your company and information regarding sales or specials. These soft leads have already shown an interest in the content you are providing, but may not be interested in your product just yet. Providing these leads with relevant content and valuable information may be the best opportunity you have to convert them into loyal customers.

Offering Incentives and Deals

This is probably the oldest and most effective way to convert social media leads into sales. Using your company’s various social media platforms to offer exclusive deals to your followers and fans of your site will not only increase traffic to your site, but also will hopefully convert those visits into sales. This method can also help you increase your followers, as people love to share great deals with their friends across their social sites. You can also turn this into a promotion by offering special incentives to those customers who share your information with their fans and followers.

Stay on Top of It

The only way you will be able to increase your sales through your social media sites is if your keep your profiles current. Every quarter, take the time to go through all of your social media profiles to ensure that you are getting the most out of these sites. Make sure that all of your information, including what your business is all about, is correct. Also go through each site’s guidelines to see if anything has changed, because you may be missing out on some great opportunities to take advantage of the space that you are given.

Once you’ve started implementing some of these strategies into your social media marketing plan, it is important to take a look at and begin using your analytics tools. These are these easiest way to tell if your strategies are working and to get a good look at your return on investment. You can gain a lot of valuable information for these tools according to Jennifer Fong a technology strategist for the direct selling industry. These tools have become increasingly important and will continue to be so well into the next year.

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