Set of 20 Tutorials and Articles of Negative Space

Negative space can dramatically improve you design and help them breathes more and has a much better flow. Negative space is just like a whitespace in web designs. If you are a graphic/web designer and designing solely for web I am sure you will learn a lot of from these articles. Most of them are related to web designs but some tutorials are regarding paintings and drawing.

In the other way you can say that how to effective use whitespace to make your design more interesting. Today we have collected a set of 20 articles and tutorials to get you started understanding negative space and efficiently applying those rules in your designs.

Positively Negative: A Tutorial about Negative Space

Negative Space: nothing says a lot

Using Negative Space Effectively In Logos


Use Whitespace to Indicate Relationships Between Content Elements

Whitespace: The Underutilized Design Element

Use of White in Web Design: Tips and Trends

Improving typography through space

How To Add White Space

On White Space in Graphic Design

CSS 101

Design Tip: The Value Of White Space

White Space and Simplicity: An Overview

Grid Design, A Classic Beauty For Whitespace Freaks

White Space in Your Web Design & Graphic Design

Enhancing Your Art with Negative Space

An introduction to Negative Drawing with Mike Sibley

Negative Space – A Drawing Tutorial

Negative Space

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