Short Films and Music Videos Using After Effects

After Effects is not just for commercials and network ID’s any longer. It’s organism used more and more in films and music videos. Here’s a example.

Take The Bus!

I like this movie, because you don’t really know what your looking for awaiting it happens. Could be color grading, could be compositing… you won’t know until you watch!


The Meteor

This mini-movie was the promo for the series of tutorials on matte-painting, 3D modeling, and compositing that Andrew Kramer and the Video Copilot team developed. Starring Tino Hertz this is an overwhelming movie with some killer VFX.


Warriors Within Vol. 2

I couldn’t find Volume 1 of this, but whatever. This video is attractive cool and features two kids dueling their super powers in a field. Amateur acting but very cool looking visual effects.


Christmas in May!

I know this isn’t really the right period for this kind of video, but I liked the look of it. There are a few rudiments that are modeled in 3Ds Max, but separately from that, everything else was composite and made in After Effects.


The Fray – Look After You

This video unhappily never made it to air, because the project got cut before it was wholly finished. It’s a shame, it really is a great work. The world in the video is completely made in AE along with all of the compositing. The characters and birds are the only things that are modeled in 3D.


Food Fight

Portraying the world’s conflicts and wars by having the nationalities of corresponding foods beat it out (pun intended), Food Fight is a video dissimilar any other.


The Organ – Let the Bells Ring

Valerie Toumayan illustrates this music video (literally) inside of a notebook with the group as animated sketches.


Death Star Over San Francisco

The principle: “Imperial Fleet Week SF. After almost 3 decades of development and building, the Star Wars Tactical Defense Proposal, enacted by Ronald Reagan in 1983, has begun it’s first phase of deployment.” Stills and roto’d video, match moved into place and color graded, all makes this a very unique piece.


Warp Whistle

Matthew Dominick’s Warp Whistle takes Mario out of his world and sweeps him to New York where he encounters new creatures, obstacles, and cars that can run him over.


Abacus – Fionn Regan

Parallel to Coldplay’s “Don’t Panic” Music video, the look gives the bodies of the character’s approximately a paper look, animated as if by the puppet tool, although the faces are very real.


Mimas – Cats on Fire

Out of all the sock puppet videos that I watch on a regular basis… this one is the best by far. The sock characters in this manufacture were shot on blue screen and then later composite in After Effects with a ton of other rudiments to reconstruct the entire environment.


Polar dans la ville – Promo

This isn’t really an article for promos, but this one I couldn’t pass up. The color grading, the rain, everything about it is very artistic. You can really find a tutorial on how to create the rain effect seen in the video…



The effect taken from the movie “Jumper”, this is one of the greatest short films I have found representative the effect. Acting isn’t too great, but the effect is spot on.



Aptly named, this movie uses the Smash Effect within After Effects to reconstruct the effect in Silent Hill, where everything deteriorates around the characters.


M83 – We Own The Sky

Using Trapcode Form and Meticulous, Dan Norton makes an overwhelming music video that reacts to sound and creates a very fluid motion with the particles. This also got feature on Trapcode’s Gallery Page.


A Certain Frame of Mind

A basic glide video, taken into illustrator, vectorized, and put mutually in After Effects. I can tell this took a long time to create, but damn, they did a good job


Magnus Engsfors – Suddenly

The story of how this was put mutually is that Magnus, the subject, was laying on sawhorses, and still images were taken. The sawhorses were then photoshopped out, and he was composite into the AE surroundings. using some clever particle placement and subtle puppet tool rigging, he really sells the idea of being suspended in time.


Magic Flashlights

A snowboard video using the consequence popularized by iPod, the team flips and slides all around the mountain with their magic flashlights light-painting as it trails along.


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