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How to Make Tooth Paste in 3D Max

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Sparkling Stars Night Effect 3D Max Tutorial

This tutorial "Sparkling Star Night Effect" walks you through how to set up a procedural night sky with twinkling stars. We will be creating a […]

Making of Toothbrush in 3D Max

This tutorial is described assuming the reader having basic knowledge on 3d max. Also all dimensions of the object will not be given in the […]

How to Make Teapot in 3D Max

Displacement is a greatly ignored method in 3d modeling. Most of beginners to the extensive world of 3D graphics try to model extremely detail geometry, […]

Studio Light 3D Max Tutorial

You will learn the method of studio lighting in this 3D Max Tutorial. With the knowledge of this tutorial you will be able to present […]

How to Make Phoenix Text in 3D Max

3D Max is a great tool for 3D creation and animation. People are using this for different kind of design medium like logo designing, print […]

Screw Driver Making Tutorial in 3D Max

In this tutorial you will learn that how to create a detailed and realistic looking screwdriver. We will use here loft technique for modeling both […]

How to Make 3D Text Effect in 3D Max

This tutorial "How to Make 3D Text Effect in 3D Max" is based on very basic techniques of 3D text making. This tutorial is written […]

How to Make 3D Pen in 3D Max

Today we are presenting a 3D tutorial "How to Make 3D Pen in 3D Max". As you know 3D Max is a very popular tool […]