The Inevitable Importance of Colors in Design

As a designer, you should remember that every little thing matters to make your design perfect. Colors are also an important part of any designing hence one cannot ignore the importance and the effects it can bring to your entire design. Colors can make or break your website. We see colors in our daily routine and don’t we feel a little annoyed if we see bad color combination of beautiful colors. Yes, we do feel annoyed by the misuse of colors. When anyone comes to your website, the first thing that will be so prominent is going to be the colors of your website. These colors are actually responsible for making the first impression of your website in a visitor’s mind so you need to be very careful with the selection of colors in your designing.

I have seen a lot of designers who are willing to focus more on designing and less on other things involved in a website which is wrong. Designers are supposed to learn about colors as well. As a designer, if you do not have sufficient knowledge about colors, you will end up with a design not so good and your website will suffer. If you know a little bit about colors, well and good but if you do not have a brief idea about the importance of colors, meanings of colors and different theories associated with colors, you should continue reading this article as it will help you a lot in understanding the theory of colors. This will help you a lot in your designing. Firstly, let us discuss why colors are so important.

Reason Behind The Importance Of Colors

We cannot deny the importance of colors in our everyday lives. As a human being, it is natural for us to see things and appreciate the beauty. Most of the times, colors play a very vital role in making something beautiful of ugly. Most of the things that we absorb are through visuals and colors are considered to play an important part in visuals. Mostly people do not understand the role colors play in our daily lives. Colors can basically change the way we think. You must have noticed that some colors bring a very soothing effect to eyes and brain and some colors just annoy you and irritates you.

Also, every color has its own meaning. Since every color has a message to convey, you need to be very careful while selecting colors for your website. You cannot just go on with a color scheme because you think it looks perfect. The question that you need to ask yourself is if it is conveying the right kind of message for your website and brand. Your website is meant to send a message to your target audience related to your brand so your color schemes should spread that message too.

Colors and Their Meanings

As mentioned earlier, every color has its own meaning and while designing a website you need to be aware of the meanings of different colors so that you can use the correct one. Colors have different meanings in different countries and if your website is going to be an international one, you need to be more careful with the selection of colors. We will now explain you the colors and their meanings and this will help you a lot in making a perfect color scheme for your website;

Warm colors – warm and soothing colors are supposed to create harmony. They depict happiness and comfort plus they are very pleasing to the eyes.

Cool colors – cool colors represents calmness and sometimes sadness too. You can use cool colors if you want to show some melancholy or detachment.

Red – red is one color which has a lot of meaning associated with it. Red is sometimes associated with anger and is considered to increase your blood pressure level. It is commonly assumed that it increases your tension as well. However, not to forget to mention red is clearly a symbol of love but it is also used as a sign of danger.

Yellow/orange – these are bright colors and they represent happiness, energy and warmth. Yes, some people consider yellow as a color of jealousy as well.

Blue – we all know that blue is associated with deep oceans so blue depicts deep emotions.

Green – this is again a color with different meanings in different parts of the world. Green is considered to be on the soothing colors for the eyes.

White – white is simple a color of peace

Gray and black – these are the colors of depression, sorrow. Black is considered to be a color of power as well.

Various and Popular Color Schemes For A Website

You cannot make a website with one color altogether. You obviously have to use various colors but you need to make sure that they all are harmonious. There are a lot of popular color schemes for websites. Green and white has always been a very famous combination. Never ever use a yellow green for your website. Green and white both are very soothing colors and are used for relaxing patients in hospitals as well. So if your brand represents anything soothing and relaxing you can go for green and white.

Different shades of blues are being widely used in website designing. Combination of blur, purple and white is quite popular. Since blue is a color which represents calmness and deep emotions, people can relate to this color more. Also, none of the blue tones are annoying for a human’s eye.

A color which is a big no for any website is a yellow color. You can only use this color is a very little amount. Yellow is very hard on eyes and can be very disturbing as well. If you really want to, use a little bit of yellow here and there. Do not make a mistake of using yellow as a background of for text.

Action and Reaction

Well, when it comes to online world you hardly have a few seconds to grab visitor’s attention. A visitor will decide only in a few seconds if he will or will not stay on your website. As mentioned earlier, colors do affect our moods and thinking. If a visitor is making an effort to visit your website, it is your duty to make him feel comfortable on your website. So, the first appearance of your website and the selection of colors should be soothing and welcoming for any eye.

Remember not to give a false impression of your website. Let’s take an example of water. Its association is basically of something pure, transparent and natural. You cannot use bright yellows and oranges for a water product. You can use tones of blues and green in order to make your product more desirable.

A Sweeping Glance…

Well, colors are used to attract visitor’s attention. However, never go over the board with it which means you should never be using more colors than required. Make sure that the colors used by you are true representation of your brand and if you are using two or three colors together, they should bring a harmonious look. Colors can either enhance the beauty of your design or it can completely destroy the beauty of design. Careful selection of colors for your website can do wonders for you.  Remember, you are creating a website and not a rainbow which should have all colors. Color your world and website but with good colors.

Happy designing and coloring!

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