The Role of a Logo

A logo is a graphical design concept, usually not complicated, that has the main role to represent the image of a product/service/company/website. Even if it is ignored by most of us, practically a logo has enough importance that while neglecting it, it may represent a serious mistake. People not connected to this domain consider logos a “discovery” born at the same time with the Internet, but this is wrong, evidence was found that the Romans used to stamp with an own patter the bricks fabricated by them. Using this method was simpler to identify the Roman production-here is the identity role of a logo.

Across time, the design got new methods and ways to reveal their creative potential and the ones loving logos called themselves logo designers. The logo makers don’t need to create amazing websites or impressive banners, but due to the importance of a logo mixed with the limited space and possibilities, their job is difficult.

First of all, a logo is considered a good work once the client is satisfied with it. Secondly, it must respect some elementary rules- the laws of design and commercial imperatives. A well-done logo should be versatile; it must look nice, both on a small business card and on a huge banner. The specialists say that a quality concept of a logo is fully revealed in black and white format so when you create one pay attention to it to pass this test.

Anyway, a logo is very important and it has an influence on multiple levels. The manifold roles are ignored, but judging deeply these are obvious and a wise man will know how to take advantages from a good logo.

1. The Graphic Role

The huge majority of people are considering only this side, which of course, is important but not unique. A logo is always inserted into a website or a business card; the insertion of these must not be randomly; the relationship between these should come in a natural way. Even if it is a separated entity, a logo must be a part of a website, the colors and the messages are added up into an overall project. When we are talking about print design solutions, there is a complete different approach. Definitely, having put a logo on a banner is different from a simple “Copy+Paste” command, but here a higher level of freedom is allowed. In print it is better to emphasize the logo, it is more easily noticeable by people. A very good example is the swoosh of Nike, did you observed that usually, on banners, no matter the size of them, it is white on a black background or vice-versa? The contrast is powerful enough to attract the eyes of the visitors.   

2. The Commercial and Promotional Role

The profound materialism of the economical capitalist model is presented even in logo design. A logo is a graphical creation but it, handled smartly, is a promotional agent that also plays a vital role in the promotional strategy of the owner. Everywhere are placed various messages for people and they are getting bored with these but a logo work at the subliminal level. In this manner, the logo is the trigger entity that makes a folk to associate a product with the owner of it. The complete purpose is to associate it also with the best quality and clearly, the role of the logo was well played 100%.

Let’s take another example: the clothes from Adidas that for impassioned buyers aren’t differing too much from other similar clothing, but once somebody sees the logo, the feeling of certitude that these pieces are top quality and the money invested isn’t a bad affair, appears. The mechanism behind this logo is working, isn’t it?

3. The Identity Logo

In this role, a logo has almost nothing to do with design. The logo is the element that makes the product or the services represented well known. The logos of the car manufacturers are the best examples of its importance in identity development. Building a brand, the last scope of each company, is a time and resource consuming activity but once the strategy is created smartly the results are coming quickly and they surely will be satisfactory. It is simple, invest money to create a brand, the sooner people will be interested in it and until you obtain profits is a matter of time. The logos help very much in creating an image and contributing in making the company quickly noticeable by the citizens.

I believe that these explanations were enough for you to understand that a logo does not deserve to be bypassed. To fully comprehend the power of a logo, I created here a collection with ones of the most famous logos that play all the three roles, but also I inserted some promising ones. Anyway, enjoy our selection and let me know what you thing about logos.

Nike Logo

Fedex Logo

Coca-Cola Logo

Mercedes Logo

Honda Civic Logo

Bingo Logo

FM Logo

Paper House Logo

Cavea Logo

Belief Picture Logo

Jam Session Logo

Unlock Logo

Home Security Store Logo

Abstintec Logo

Rococo Gardens Logo

McDonald Logo

Freedom Logo

YelloPhants Logo

Google Logo

Apple Logo

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