The Various Ways of Capturing Imagery through Photography

The camera is considered to be one powerful tool that captures what the eyes can only see for seconds. It is amazing how one seemingly simple gadget can capture light, and stores all that information chemically or electronically. The camera, though, is only the medium. Photography is the process of capturing these patterns of light, turning these into an art form, an imagery that can stand the test of time. Photography, takes on various types, depending on the method by which it uses technology in capturing and processing images.

The most classic type of photography is the monochrome, which dates back as early as the 1800s. Monochrome, otherwise known as black-and-white or the grey scale, involves the negatives being exposed to light, or manipulating the colour through a software. What is interesting in this type of photography is the fact that while reality exists in colour, the output of a monochromatic photo disregards colour. Monochromatic images add depth to the reality that the photographer desires to convey.

Colour photography, on the other hand, depicts reality as it is. The challenge for photographers using this type is how to capture ordinary images into something that epitomize a certain emotion, appeal, or feeling. One limitation of this type is that the colours fade through time.

Full Spectrum photography involves the use of infrared or ultraviolet light. Using this technology, colours appear to be more defined, detailed and intensified. This is the main reason as to why this the most common method being used by geologists and forensic scientists. Its ability to detail the miniscule colours that may very well affect differences in data collection has made this type of photography appealing and useful to scientists.

Digital photography has now been regarded as the most common type, perhaps, due to the availability of digital cameras being sold in the market, and the ease of its use and reproduction using computer technology.

Digital photos can easily be uploaded to a website, sent over e-mail or simply printed out. Digital photography, unlike the other types, does not involve the use of photographic films in capturing image as well as chemicals in processing photos. Instead, it uses digital imagery, sensors that capture light and stored in digital memory devices.

Photography is more than just the clicking of the camera. Through time, the technology by which these images are captured has evolved, yet all of these types – monochromatic, colour, full spectrum and digital are still being used today by photographers worldwide, producing great art and great science.

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