Tips to Create Photoblog on WordPress

Owning a WordPress blog is a wonderful experience, where you are liberal to share your work online at your desired time. Watching your WordPress site grow in terms of popularity is a wonderful feeling that can never be explained in words. If you own a Photoblog on WordPress, you will be loaded with ideas and creativity might cross your mind every time you see a picture or every time you click a picture.

Photoblogs are interesting because you can communicate with your fans in an out of the ordinary way by adding tidbits, sharing the past and latest flicks with a little bit of text and more. Photoblog is a unique way to stay in touch with your fans and create audience who carry a passion for pictures. Taking a deep look at the success of Pinterest, it is true that pictures are valued more than words.

Creating a WordPress Photoblog is not an easy task. The multiple options available online might confuse you and moreover, most of them are very simple. There are plenty of features with WordPress which make your photoblogging experience exciting. Let us discuss some useful tips that will help you while creating a WordPress Photoblog.

Choose a WordPress Theme

WordPress has plenty of themes that are offered for free. Some of the themes can be customized to a certain level to make it look unique. However, if you want to avoid any other site having the similar outlook of your website or blog, you can invest on a custom theme. These custom themes are available at affordable rates, which will come along with free updates and installation support. For example, themes like Linquist, Nishita, Photopress, Grain and the like can be made best use of.

Install Plug-ins

Installing plug-ins is an important step that should never be missed. WordPress offers some lovely plug-ins for Flickr, Facebook and Twitter integration. They also help you a great deal to manage and maintain them. The installed plug-ins will have frequent updates which will be done automatically when you give a single click on the prompt you receive. For example, plug-ins like PhotoQ, PhotoBlog, Akismet and many more offer wonderful solutions.

Frequent Posts

You should be careful about the intervals at which you post your articles, blogs or pictures on your Photoblog. It is best advised to follow a pattern of posting so that you give your photoblog some time to go viral. If you are held up in a situation where you need to post most than one blog in a single session, you have the liberty to schedule it for the upcoming week.

Tweet New Posts

Never forget the purpose of photoblogging; it is to make sure that the visitors are well aware of your updates. You can opt for RSS subscriptions, but for the start you can make use of Twitterfeed, which automatically tweets every new post on your WordPress site. This can be done within a few simple steps by just adding the address of the RSS feed and authorizing it with Twitter. Now, Twitterfeed takes care of the rest to its best.

Add Texts

If you like to grab the attention of search engines, text plays a vital role. Mere pictures without any text do nothing to make your blog go viral. You can add small descriptions below your photoblog so that visitors will easily locate your blog. One area that needs extra importance is tagging and titling. These are the key features which drive in the much expected traffic.

Join Communities

Enlarge your community by visiting other photoblogs and commenting on them. Just like how you expect responses, other blog owners will also have the same expectation. When you comment on other blogs, they ask for a link which connects to your site. Without doubt, you are going to be benefitted by this and sometimes the results might bring out great differences. The above mentioned tips will make your Photoblogging interesting like never before.

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