Kickstarter Focus: Give your smartphone a new screen with ‘Superscreen’

The product has already made more $900,000 in pledges.

Some users prefer small smartphones and some prefer the bigger phablets. There are even some that buy a small smartphone and simply buy another tablet so that they can enjoy big screens whenever they need them – but that isn’t always the most feasible solution.

Enter the Superscreen, it’s an external display that can turn any iOS and Android smartphone into a full 10.1-inch tablet. This means you can browse your smartphone the usual way using the Superscreen, which acts like an extended display of your smartphone.

The product was done with the aim of offering alternatives to buying more expensive tablets when all you need is just a bigger screen. The 10.1-inch full HD tablet will transmit form your smartphone wirelessly using “high performance hardware communication circuitry” without the need for an internet connection.

Superscreen for Smartphones

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