The 9 qualities of bosses who are really good

Good bosses have a number of more or less obvious characteristics. Exceptional leaders harbor qualities that are not so obvious, however. At the end of the day, truly extraordinary leaders are not only those who face the gallery but also those that no one sees them do. A majority of Dissertation topics ideas on International Development tackle this issue.

A good boss, one who is a real boss, and not only for pure"posture", is distinguished by the following qualities:

1. They go beyond the actions undertaken by its employees and try to understand their motivations

When a good leader is faced with an error committed by one of the people in their charge, it is not only fixed in the judgment but in the motivations behind the stumble (and that can be perfectly understandable and even legitimate).

2. They forgive and much more importantly, forget.

Great bosses do not contemplate their employees through the lens of a single incident because they know that forgiving is divine, but forgetting is even more divine (and even heavenly).

3. They give equal importance to employee and organizational goals

Good leaders inspire their employees to achieve the goals of the company they serve. And they do not forget about their professional development, which they always empower when they can with the tasks that they entrust to them.
4. Good leaders support their employees and they do it without any condition

Great boss never puts "buts" to the support that lends to their employees, but instead provides support without any condition. And he or she does this because they know that without their support the self- esteem (and ultimately the performance) of their workers will inevitably be cut off.

5. Make fewer decisions

A good boss is aware that he is not necessarily the best person to make certain decisions and that is why his pulse does not shake when choosing the right person.

6. Do not abuse the inherent control of your position

Leaders truly worthy of such a name do not obsess over controlling everything. And they prefer to be viewed by others as people who help (and do not control) others.

7. Let Your Employees Learn Their Own Lessons

Great bosses do not quarrel with their employees or put on the "outfit" of teachers who keep multiple lessons up their sleeves. They help their workers learn from their mistakes and draw lessons from such mistakes for themselves.
8. Let Your Workers' Ideas Flow Free

A good boss observes the hidden potential of his employees and finds ways to prod that potential (welcoming his ideas, for example).
9. He always goes home thinking that he could have done things a little better.

Leadership is, even if it does not seem like it, the perfect breeding ground for insecurities. For this reason the best leaders, who are also 100% empathic, leave their job desiring to have done things better with their employees, for those who care genuinely.

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