Tips to Write Flawless Essay


An essay is a short article which is related to a particular subject. Essays allow a person to express knowledge, understanding of the topic and intelligence in a creative manner. Many people may be assessed on the same issue, but the tips to make one’s essay distinctive from others are described below.

Firstly, a clear understanding of the topic is required which moreover can be fueled by brainstorming. Putting the title in the centre of the page and writing down the key words about the topic that comes to mind can be helpful. The points should be valid. Organize them into relevant groups. The beginning should be catchy to attract the reader the moment he starts to read. The middle paragraph gives a clear glimpse of the main topic. It should be supported with authentic facts, strong evidences and quotations. The last paragraph summarizes and wraps up the idea.

Secondly, writing an argumentative essay is a bit tricky. It is a form of essay that requires a student to investigate a topic. Then find and evaluate evidences and establish a stance in a concise way. Many students misinterpret the idea and go on writing about one side of the topic only. However, it is better to give a balanced argument, but only one side should be supported. The stance which is taken must be mentioned in the thesis statement in an introductory paragraph.

Thirdly, the most important feature of a good essay is the structure of body paragraphs. Each body paragraph needs to meet some requirement. It contains a statement which tells the reader what the paragraph is about and then explanation of the statement. Then, concrete evidences to support the statement and the reason of giving that statement. Structures can save productive time and will prevent the text from straying. Unnecessary information should not be used, and the writer should stick to the point.

Fourthly, to make an essay enjoyable to read, pictures or diagrams play a vital role as an English idiom says “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Researchers indicate that visuals are concrete. They help to retrieve and remember information as the part of the brain which process words is small as compared to the part which processes images. Images are an effective way of grabbing attention and persuasive communication.

After writing an essay, to make it flawless, it must be proofread. Proofreading is to inspect the essay then track down and amend any typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, spelling, and style. A simple way of proofreading is to read the essay aloud and check whether it communicates its message effectively or not. Proofreading allows a person to check that whatever is required is included or not.

Though these tips will help out the person in the most efficient way but original thinking is required throughout this procedure. The ideas in an essay need not be copied from somewhere and should portray a different angle. The words in a flawless essay flow smoothly, and each sentence follows a logical pattern.

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