Website Redesign: Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Are you looking to update your firm’s website? Don’t forget to consider SEO in your website redesign. Making your site user-friendly and appealing depends a lot on SEO. Mark Jackson, in an article on Clickz called Redesigning Your Website? Don’t Neglect SEO suggests the following.

Avoid common SEO mistakes by keeping these tips in mind:

Do Your Keyword Research. This sounds elementary, but it’s crucial to having your site perform well in SEO. Use keyword tools such as Google AdWords, Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery. Consider looking at existing paid search campaigns for click-through rates (CTRs), time spent on site and conversion rates.

Determine How to Be Competitive. Choosing good keywords is only half the battle as only a few of them will be competitive. Figure out which ones are competitive by doing a Google search for your target keywords. Take the top-10 ranking sites and analyze them to look for content patterns, best practices, etc.

Build Your Information Architecture. This is an important SEO factor for website redesign. Make customers want to visit! Your site should be appealing, search engine friendly and have content that adds to the user experience.

Review Your History. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, right? SEO for website redesign requires that you determine where you were getting your traffic. Keep elements that were working for your firm in the new site.

Include Redirects. Use a 301 redirect from every page of the old site to the new site. If you can keep the same URL during the relaunch, great. If you can’t, however, your URL structure is going to change. The 301 redirect will automatically connect the user to the new site.

SEO for website redesign is key to the success of your site update. Figure out how to make SEO work for your firm’s new site. Keep checking in at for information on link building, adding video to your website and more!

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