Web Design Tips for an E-Commerce Website

In the business industry, many companies go beyond the traditional way of making profit by taking advantage of the internet. Since it is a form of marketing that has grown in popularity, several small and large businesses attempt to penetrate the market in an advanced way of marketing via the World Wide Web.

E-Commerce: An Overview

Aspiring businesspeople have to understand some terms regarding marketing and operation to find more success in their type of venture. A technology-based means of generating sales and profit is a great way to improve businesses. There is a term known as e-commerce that involves the buying and selling of products and services via electronic systems. Several businesses make use of it for the growth of their businesses. It is a commercial transaction covering a range of different types of businesses.

9 Tips For Choosing Useful Web Designs

The world of online market is growing in which a lot of online users try to fit in. Some have succeeded, but there are others that failed due to the lack of awareness about the principles and requirements for the e-commerce to be achieved with impressive results. For the beginners, understanding the basics and determining all the important aspects of e-commerce is a matter of life and death in terms of surviving in the online market. Without learning the necessary factors in e-commerce, it would be difficult to achieve online business goals. When marketing online, one issue to consider is the creation of the websites. There are actually several things to put emphasis on when designing a good website.

1. Advertise your brand identity on every webpage

Designing web pages with the intention to make visitors remember your business is something to be taken seriously. It would be easier for online users to remember your product or service when you clearly display the design of your business on every page. You will fail to deliver your business if you choose designs that are so far-out. Matching the styles, colors and patterns of your company logo with the site’s aesthetics is appropriate and more effective.

2. Use a responsive design

With the availability of different gadgets offered in the market, consumers have more options to select from. There are smartphones, tablets, laptop, desktop and other devices that are used by different consumers to buy or sell a wide variety of items. It would be wise to make use of a responsive design in which all platforms are being catered. As an online business owner, you have to cater both mobile and desktop platforms for generating sales by allowing consumers to choose you over other businesses. If you have issues regarding the selling of products and services due to the lack of technique to cater different platforms, then you will certainly lose potential customers. Visitors and prospects will not continue browsing your site if you cannot manage to provide them with the convenience and simplicity of your site.

3. Avoid slowing the process down by removing unnecessary obstacles such as redundant pages

Users love to visit a site wherein they can make purchases with a minimum of inconvenience. You need to take away the obstacles that will possible slow your operation down. Do not be a nuisance to the users as your business will surely pay for it.

4. A search box is an important feature

Most people want to get things done quickly whether we agree or not. In case of looking for items and buying some, potential customers want to locate the products of their choice without difficulties. Including a search box in your website can save a lot of trouble and time for the consumers. Moreover, you can be able to provide a quick way of assisting the users regarding their concerns. Thus, you will have greater possibilities of growth in sales and profit as an exchange.

5. Straightforward and convincing product reviews

Book lovers love to read, but most buyers are not like that. If you include very long reviews in your site, then most likely users will not continue reading them. In addition, you do not have to use so many words for the sake of putting long reviews. Users need a precise and straightforward way of reading reviews.

6. Easy site navigations

Navigating sites is one of the crucial factors to address. Use a well-defined navigation process wherein the users can find the path to their desired products. Be aware that a great search engine optimizer can guide you on the navigational facilities.

7. Lesser clicks when buying

There are turn offs for the users when making online purchases. If you do not want to discourage prospects, then you have to consider even the number of clicks to buy a product. For instance, there are sites that use redirections in which the users will be redirected to another page when they click the "buy now" button.

8. Include contact us and customer support

Visitors may plan to make purchases, but they may have to contact you for clarifications before doing so. It would be proper and right to include a section in your site for contacts and customer assistance. When including the "contact us" page, you have to put details which make you accessible to the buyers. When deciding an email address for your business, you have to find a name that would be easy to remember. Make sure that you choose an appropriate name for your business.

9. Consider loading time and not just aesthetic appeal

Including great designs and appealing videos to your site can improve your online business, but they can also be the reason of your failure. You must always remember to think that it is not worth it to compromise on loading time for aesthetic appeal. When including large files, make sure that it will not hurt your business. If you think that it greatly affects loading time, then you have to think again whether you need to keep the files or change it.

The resources you use when selling products and services online are necessary. If you cannot use them without considerations, then you will probably end up experiencing many losses that can lead to the lost business opportunities.

Author Bio: David Wicks is a free lancer content writer of many web servicing companies and he enjoys writing articles on various topics on top web hosting, web hosting reviews, top 10 hosting reviews and many more. He has spent around 8 years in this industry industry.

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